Best Place to Stay and Eat in Baguio, Philippines - Travelite Express Hotel & Habibi's Restaurant

The Travelite Express Hotel is a perfect place to stay in Baguio, Philippines. Next door is a great restaurant called Habibi's. Travelite Express Hotel on Agoda: ...


Silvina Hotel and Restaurant | Baguio 2017

This 70's inspired hotel I booked with Agoda offers fine service near The Mansion in Baguio City.


Day 1 - Holiday Vacation✈️ - Trip to Baguio-Manila🌲🏞 - Travel Vlog🏔✈️

Holiday Vacation - Trip to Baguio-Manila Day 1 - Travel Vlog December 30, 2016 My hotel was booked through Starwood Hotel - PHP 1687/night ...


Day 3 - Holiday Vacation - Trip to Baguio-Manila - Travel Vlog

Holiday Vacation - Trip to Baguio-Manila Day 3 - Travel Vlog January 1, 2017 My hotel was booked through City Center Hotel - PHP 2100/night ...


Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand - Before the Sun Goes Down

I took a walk down Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand at around 3 in the afternoon. Here's what it looks like before the sun goes down. The video is a bit shaky I ...


Subscriber Sunday - LIVE Stream Test

I want to thank everyone who turned in to my FIRST live stream. This was just a trial and error session because I had no idea what I was doing. I forgot my tripod ...


Here Philippines presents the Sunset Bay Beach Resort, San Fernando, La Union

Here Philippines, at Sunset Bay Beach Resort on the white coral sand beach of Canaoay


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