5 reasons to join Agoda now

What are the things that make people join and stay at Agoda? In collaboration with WorkVenture, we gathered our employees to share what they love most about ...


Agoda Customer Experience Specialist Application Video_Koo Hui Ying


5 Quirky Things Inside Agoda

From spicy noodle challenges to group dance battles - no matter where you join us, we'll greet you with our fun, quirky culture! #AgodaLife Learn more about life ...


Meet the Technology Team

Meet Agoda's Technology Team. Based in Asia, we are web & mobile developers, software engineers, data analysts, and more. Want to work with us? Head to: ...


Agoda Talent Pitch - Muhd Fatha


Introduction for Apply at Agoda International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd


Talent Pitch Agoda

This is my pitch to fulfill the assessment. Thank you for the opportunity!


How to Look Good in Skype Interviews - Tips & Training

Look your best when interviewed by video over the internet. GET CHECKLIST: http://e.ntd.tv/int-checklist.


Software Engineer Job Interview - My Experience

About a month ago I had an interview to become a Java Software Engineer, and in this video I tell you about my experience. ----------------------------- PRODUCTS ...


Talent pitch Agoda


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