Bahasa Speaking Customer Support Specialist - Bangkok with Agoda

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Agoda Land Divers

Client: Agoda Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Shanghai.


Yaki Wong-韓國勁掃團(EP.1)勁抵酒店、私人K房、明洞弘大

勁掃團,除了瘋狂掃貨,瘋狂掃街,還有瘋狂掃視…太養眼了吧! - 紫菜包飯是沙律味,超好食! 酒店資料:


Merdeka 60th Theme【Ali AhKao Dan Muthu】Namewee/Dato’David Arumugam/Aniq @亞洲通吃2018專輯 All Eat Asia

VOOV Live Broadcasting App. Download Now!: [] JOOX Online Streaming [Ali Ahkao Dan Muthu] ...


Met bunch of Kpop Idol (NUEST, Super Junior,etc) in Seoul - 1st VLOG ( Autumn in South Korea PART 1)

Hi everyone! Here is PART 1 of my very first vlog. Hope you guys find it interesting and please let me know if you're excited for PART 2. I'm currently editing ...


Top 10 Nana Hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok

This is a top 10 list of the hotels you can find on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok – home of the infamous Nana Plaza. The list has been compiled based on the user ...


Chai Goes to KOREA 2017 | FIRST VLOG

Welcome to my FIRST EVER VLOG! yaaaay! I'm new in this and I wan't to share so many things with you guys but let me start by sharing my TRAVEL VLOG.


Jalan Jalan Ke Korea ketemu Pororo - Seoul Vlog Part 1

This is our first trip to Seoul, South Korea. We had lots of fun there and within this first part of this travel vlog we wanted to share what we do while in Seoul.


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SO I WENT TO NB2... | Clubbing in South Korea (Storytime + Footage)

So in a matter of one day, we managed to meet fancynancytv, see Edward Avila, and get my phone stolen (and somehow get it back)... and footage of it all!


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