What to Do in Kyoto: Learn Some Manners from a Geisha

Need some inspiration on what to do in Kyoto? Grab dinner at Gion Kyo Cuisine Hanasaki Nishiki Restaurant and get ready to be blown away by spectacular ...




Get the Lowest Prices (and more!) on the agoda App

Want the lowest prices, fuss-free bookings and simple immediate rewards on over 1.8M properties worldwide, all in 1 place? Download the agoda app now: ...


1 Minute Office Tour: Agoda Osaka アゴダジャパン大阪の1分間オフィスツアー

Interested in joining Agoda in Japan? Take a quick video tour of Agoda's Osaka office in Grand Front Osaka to see what it's like to work in Osaka city center!


【日本大阪之旅 (DAY1) JapanOsakaTrip】直踩京都 Kyoto | 弘日式燒肉 | 平住民宿 | 便利店 | 7-11 | FamilyMart |懶貓旅遊LazyCatTravel

【日本大阪之旅(DAY1) JapanOsakaTrip】直踩京都Kyoto | 弘日式燒肉| 平住民宿| 便利店| 7-11 | FamilyMart |懶貓旅遊LazyCatTravel Hi all~ Long time no see!...


Travel to Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Fukuoka Japan Book Ahead For Spring Sakura Season 2018

https://TheDailyJapan.Tumblr.com Spring is here again and it is the best time to travel to Japan to see the Sakura blossoms. Whether you are heading to Tokyo, ...


Renting Kimono in Kyoto, Japan (or Yukata) || Arashiyama Bamboo Forest || TRAVEL VLOG

We head to the lush green Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan in our yukata (a breezy, summery kimono)! We also give some tips for visiting and getting ...


What to Do in Osaka: Go Antique-Hunting

Need some inspiration on what to do in Osaka? Explore Oimatsu-Dori Street's eclectic antiques enclave, formerly an area where academics and intellectuals ...


Kyoto Day Tour 2017 京都一日遊:宇治,伏見稻禾大社,祇園,湯樂溫泉

我是樓盧比台灣人泰國華僑喜歡旅行,潛水,烹飪跟著我一起如何吃的健康如何便宜旅行如何愛護地球I'm Ruby Lou Taiwanese who grew up in Bangkok...


【京都住宿推薦】京都精選巴哈大飯店 Hotel Grand Bach Kyoto Select

本次入住房型:行政套房客房面積:47平方公尺價格:agoda訂房3晚NT$17896 地址:京都市下京區四条通寺町西入奈良物町363 http://christy0104.pixnet.net.


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