US Hotels: Where to Stay When You Visit America

Heading to the USA and not sure what the accomodation will be like? Well this video covers pretty much everything you may want to know about US hotels and ...


Japanese Hotels vs American Hotels - 14 Differences

Staying at hotels in Japan is a very unique experience. From the amazing utilization of space, to the wonderful service, I compare and contrast the differences ...


American Hotels. What do you get for $80?

A look at my hotel room in the Comfort Inn Lancaster County Hotel near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.


The Secrets of Chinese HOTELS

Support us and the channel on Paypal! Hotels in China follow a 5 star scale, just like in the west, but does it really indicate quality?

2016-06-24T02:33:10.000Z - Captain Obvious [Demonstration] (2016, USA)

An inventive advert for where clicking on the 'Skip' button doesn't skip the video, but gives the characters skipping ropes. This is a demonstration ...


Top10 Recommended Hotels in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Subscribe to the channel Top10 Recommended ...


Big Update to the Capital One Venture (10x on

Capital One Venture cards earn 10x rewards on purchases until Jan 2020. Capital One Venture: Capital One Venture One: ...


दुनिया रंग बिरंगी/Night Scenes America/Biggest Hotels

Dear friends, Let's come and visit hotel billazio Las Vegas with me. If you like the video please share,subscribe and press the bell icon so that you may watch my ...


FUN * Dirty hotels in America

Shocking revelations about American hotels by Nadine Velazquez from TV Show My Name is Earl.


10 Worst Hotels On Earth

What hotel leads the pack in appearances on TripAdvisor's dirtiest hotels list? What budget hotel actually ADVERTISES being the worst in the world? Here are ...


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