Couple Films Bedbugs Crawling on Their Sheets in Manhattan Hotel

A couple had a very gross encounter after they found their New York hotel room infested with bedbugs. Elgin Ozlen posted itch-inducing video of the bugs burrowing in the seams of their mattress...


How to Find Bed Bugs in Hotels

This video will walk you through two infested hotel rooms and point out places to look for bed bugs and other signs that bed bugs may be infesting a room. This video is a must see if you...


Video of Big Bed Bug Problem at NYC Hotel Goes Viral

A California couple posts disturbing video showing their Manhattan hotel room crawling with the pesky insects.


BED BUGS - Hotels - Motels - The only way to stop them!

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Bed Bugs Hotel Thinking of doing a little traveling? Don't check into the bed bugs hotel. Learn to quickly inspect your hotel room before you settle in for the night.


Bedbugs at my Hotel

I woke up to find bedbugs crawling on the bed next to me. I won't be staying there anymore and the bugs can have the bed to themselves.


Bed bugs at Mankato MN Hotel

Do not stay at the Days INN in Mankato.


How To Check For Bed Bugs In A Hotel | Southern Living

Hotel rooms can be a hot bed of bed bug activity, luckily, as points out, pest control experts have put together a how-to guide for checking your hotel room for the nasty...



New owners recently took over and have spent a fortune renovating the place so this is unlikely to happen now. This happened about 8 or 9 months ago. The hotel I had been staying at for three...


Hotel bedbugs at 5:00AM in Miami FL

This a video captured at a Miami Hotel near the Airport. At around 3:00 AM I was getting bites and suddenly found out that bedbugs are roaming freely in my bed. The rest of the night was a no sleep.


2018-01-23 12:22:37
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