Travel Chicks TV - Priceline Bidding for Cheap Plane Tickets

PLEASE NOTE: Priceline has changed the option to bid on tickets :( We're hoping they bring it back, but for now they're only running "express deals." Tips for ...


Airline Revenue Management - Bid Prices

Bid prices represent the minimum acceptable fare for an airline seat and are widely used for oring and destination level revenue management.


Get cheaper flights online with a VPN!

Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN and start saving money on YOUR flights at Discuss ...


Airfare Secrets - How To Book Cheap Airline Tickets Want to have a guide that will show you just where you can get hugely discounted flight tickets, ...


Wholesale Airline Tickets - The Best Place to Find Them

More and more travelers are looking for wholesale airline tickets in a bid to find very cheap air tr... Songs from


Price Creative Work With Confidence. Win More Bids. Make More Money.

What are the 3 variable of the pricing spectrum? Production cost, market value and client budget. Take the guess work out of bidding projects, and stop pulling ...


How to get Cheap flights and Airline tickets

Most new Aviaseller free app has recently become available, allowing significant savings on air travel. With it you can easily find a plane ticket in the right ...


Free Business Class Upgrades, everytime

i travel for work. constantly. this video will only help you if you travel a lot, if you don't fly a lot don't watch rather than watching then going on and on about how ...


Bid for Premium Economy Upgrade for as low as USD88

Bid for as low as USD88 to get a chance to experience more comfort and convenience on PAL's Premium Economy with myPAL Upgrade. Limited offer only!


$10,000 OF LOST AIRPORT LUGGAGE!! (Buying $10,000 Lost Luggage Mystery Auction)

I Bought $10000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… Buying Lost Luggage Mystery Auction $10000 and donating it. What's inside you won't believe is ...


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