Booking a flight - 33 - English at Work gets you travelling!

Paul, the boss, is sending Anna and Tom on a business trip to France. He wants them to clinch the deal with a company which is interested in buying their ...


Booking a Japanese Love Hotel | SHIBUYA

We stayed at a love hotel for the first time. It was... interesting ***Check out the merchandise*** Restaurants: Sukiya in ...


10 tips for booking a cruise

Want to save money when booking your next cruise? Our video is a much watch! Our top ten cruise tips will hopefully save you loads of cash when booking your ...


At a Hotel | Booking a Room | Checking In | English Speaking Practice | ESL | EFL | ELL

Hello Everyone! In this video, you will practice how to book a room or make a reservation and how to check in. You will also be able to practice speaking on your ...


English Conversation Topics - Booking a Tour

English Conversation Topics - Booking a Tour Learn English online using these simple English conversation topics.


Booking a Table | Learn British English with Britlish

Activate your English at Improve your English with an experienced, innovative English ...


booking a room


Singapore Airlines – Booking a family holiday on

Planning that long-awaited family vacation? Book a flight for everyone in just a few steps on the enhanced Our new design also offers a more ...


What to know before booking a Royal Caribbean cruise

A Royal Caribbean cruise is a fantastic family vacation choice, but before you book, you should arm yourself with some knowledge to ensure your cruise is ...


5 Things to Know Before Booking a SAFARI in AFRICA

How much does a safari cost in Africa? Which African countries are the best to see elephants, gorillas or hippos? In this 3 minute video, you will get all your ...


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