Creating a Booking database for Stadium Seats - Video 1

One customer can make many bookings and one event can have many customers. The raw database can be downloaded from: ...



The hotel is a place where people come in and out. Guest's inattentions can cause many problems at the hotel like when he forgets or loses its "guest-CARD".


Travel Acess Club|Cheap Flight and Hotel Book for Flight and Hotels at a Discount Rate real time and also earn passive income monthly.


How to Create Rent Management System in Microsoft Access - Full Tutorial

How to Create Rent Management System in Microsoft Access, using VBA, Marco, If statement, Built-in Functions, and the following objects: CheckBox, TextBox, ...


Base de datos Hotel Heaven

Base de Datos Hotel Heaven Nayeli Ramirez Ortega Edgar Ivan Medel Alarcon.


How to Create a Stock Management Database in Microsoft Access - Full Tutorial with Free Download

This tutorial will explain how to use Microsoft Access to create a working stock control database with some basic features. Follow along with our free download of ...


Access any database over the internet

This is a method to make a program that can append records to a remote database via the Internet, it uses a vpn secure connection and to insert & read ...


Creating an app (Database) that works with Google Sheets!

After spending some time looking, and being disappointed with the lack of database maker via google, I found a great website called Appsheet ...


Book system by using and access

My friends project:) The link in the below to download the Book System project. Now the project between in your hands to learn. So, please don't copy it, also not ...


Online Booking - Bypass Payment - Let Your Regular Customers Book Without Paying -

In the event that you take booking payments and deposits with, sometimes you may want to allow regular customers to be able to book your ...


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