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Booking Cares

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Skip the song and dance and get away with Just find the right hotel, and hold onto your cash until check-in with our book now, pay later feature.

2018-02-02T08:49:27.000Z Booking Booster - turning tourism into a force for good

The Booster aims to turn tourism into a force for good - an accelerator programme for startups with the shared vision of bringing a more sustainable ...

2017-02-06T17:42:32.000Z Accommodations

Book you next story. Visit for the largest selection of hotels, homes and everything in between in 100000+ destinations around the world: ...

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At, we can't guarantee you'll find gold on your vacation, but we can guarantee the best price on all kinds of accommodations. From hotels to homes ...

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What is Booking Genius?

Visit for more information on sign-up. In this video we take a look at's loyalty programme Booking Genius. Booking ...

2017-03-31T11:30:01.000Z | Peak Season made better

It's the busiest time of year - and we're doing everything we can to offer support and help make it your best peak season yet.


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