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Your daughter's first match. Let's make it happen. has millions of accommodations to choose from, covering more than 85000 destinations in 220+ ...

2019-03-18T09:53:39.000Z Booking Epic Advert

The new 'Booking Epic' Advert. More info here

2014-02-18T18:48:43.000Z Careers: Expand Horizons

A career at is a little like this film. It can be surprising at times, as well as challenging – you try getting a robot to play ping pong. But what makes it ...


How do I update my rates?

Do you need to update your rates? Watch the video to find out how! For more information please visit Partner Help Centre article: Can't ...


Meet our Booking Experience Market Managers

Our Experience team is dedicated to expanding's attraction offering and providing guests with easy access to more great things to do in cities ...


Tutorial: Booking Department

Elizabeth Centenari, Vice President, takes you inside the booking department, where you are marketed, promoted and booked for modeling jobs! Learn what ...


Planet Booking wants to empower people to experience the world. Explore who we are, what we're doing, what we value and why you should join us. Find out ...

2015-02-05T15:05:23.000Z x Movement Hotel

The Movement Hotel in Amsterdam isn't just a cool pop-up hotel in a former prison, it's an opportunity for refugees to train, learn and integrate through work.


How does work?

For more information please visit Partner Help Centre article: Can't find what you're looking for? Ask a Partner: ...


Working at Booking com

Valerie Westerduin from talks about the culture at; what it's like to work there and what job opportunities the company offers.


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