This Technicality Got Family With Infant Kicked Off Overbooked Delta Flight

A California father's outrage is on full view as he's told his entire family is to be booted from an overbooked Delta flight. A flight attendant actually told the Orange ...


Plane Slammed to the Ground Just Before Touchdown in Dallas | Delta Air Lines Flight 191

Find out why this Lockheed L-1011 crashed just short of the runway in an attempt to land during a storm in Dallas. Buy the hardware that I use here: ...


How to check in Delta Airlines Kios and get the air ticket


UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

Get a free 3 month trial for CLEAR at Want to support future, more expensive productions of Economy Week? Learn more about rewards ...


How This Family Got $11,000 From Delta After Getting Bumped From a Flight Twice

The shocking video of a United Airlines passenger being dragged off the plane is raising new interest in the airline industry's routine practice of overbooking ...


Delta stands by removing YouTube star from plane

Delta is firing back against allegations of racial bias. The airline escorted internet star Adam Saleh and a friend off one of its flights. Saleh, famous for his prank ...


FlyDelta Travel App Review - Delta Flights for Delta Airlines

Meme Generator- How To Add Funny Captions For Instagram & Facebook FlipaGram: Photo Collages/Slideshow For Instagram, ...


How to Get a Free Upgrade On a Flight

Everyone wants to fly in style, find out what step you can take to increase your odds of getting a free first class upgrade on your flight. The situation is quite ...


Fashion Takes Flight - Delta New Uniform Launch Flight!

Join me on this unique Delta Air Lines Fashion Flight to celebrate their new uniform launch on May 29th in Atlanta, Minneapolis and LA. I also interviewed the ...


How we liked Flying with Delta Economy Class

How we liked Flying with Delta Economy Class.


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