Sky's 16 th Birthday, Solo Flight


Airline passengers trapped on tarmac for 16 hours

The flight, which was scheduled to travel from Newark to Hong Kong, was forced to make an emergency landing in Canada because of a sick passenger.


16 Year Old Flies A Paramotor For The First Time! Judson absolutely crushed it! For the record, Judson was instructed on all of the skills necessary to fly a paramotor off ...


10 Tips for Flying With a Toddler And I thought traveling with a newborn was hard... with a toddler, it's a whole new ballgame! But I'm happy to report that in the past ...


17-Year-Old Flies Again After Crash Landing During First Solo Flight

After losing a wheel, young pilot Maggie Taraska regained her composure to make a emergency landing on a grassy field, and walked away unscathed. Now ...


6-Year-Old Genius Kid Becomes Etihad Airways Pilot for a Day

Six-year-old Adam has always been fascinated by planes and aviation. His dream is to become a Captain of an A380 Airbus. On board a flight from Morocco to ...


Paramotor Tandem For Kisses!! Hot Girls Go Flying With 16 Year Old SUPER Trevor!!

LEARN TO FLY NOW!!! CALL (800) 707-2525 WEBSITE - Paramotor tandem powered paragliding tandems for kisses!


16-year-old Amy Yu found in Mexico

Yu, who was last seen on a flight to Cancun with Kevin Esterley, a 45-year-old married man, has been found in Mexico.


Meet the World's Youngest Female Pilot... She is Just 16-Year-Old

A 16 year old white girl went jetting in the skies solo on her birthday without any instructor. The white race girl, known as “Sky” according to my research decided ...


10 year old kid on an International Flight | Come with me from AMERICA to IRELAND

Every year my family goes to Ireland to visit my mom's family. I have been going to Ireland since I was 6 months old. I will take you door to door, Texas, America ...


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