How to find the Best airfare to Japan. Cheap isn't always the best

In this video I'll be going over how to find the cheapest, but BEST, airfare to Japan. Sometimes budget travel can be a bit tricky, nobody wants to spend a day and ...


This Plane Was about to Crash. Why Didn't It?

Nearing Los Angeles, China Airlines Flight 006 nosedives toward the Pacific as one of its engines fail. Miraculously, the plane recovers just in the nick of time.


Why can't we fly a plane into space ?

Why can't we fly a plane into space, what stops it from just flying higher and higher until we are in space?, sounds like a daft question but it has interesting ...


Economy ticket passenger gets plane all to herself

As many passengers were forced to change or cancel their flights due to overtime work before Spring Festival, a Chinese woman named Lee got lucky and was ...


Cheapest Airfares | Discount Flight Tickets | Cheap Flight T 1) France (76.7 million visitors a year) 2) Spain (51.7 million visitors) 3) U.S. (41.9 million visitors) 4) Italy (39.8 million visitors) 5) China ...


What Would Happen If Plane Doors Opened?

What Happens If Plane Doors Open? What if the plane engine fails? What if a bird crashes into my plane? What if the plane flies too high? A lot of people are ...


★ Las Vegas Hotels Cheap | Don't Travel To Las Vegas Hotels Cheap Till You See This!

Tags las vegas hotels koval lane las vegas hotel deals last minute las vegas hotel deals locals las vegas hotels list las vegas hotels luxor las vegas hotels luxury ...


Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: why didn't passengers call for help?

Originally published March 20, 2014 Families of those on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are growing increasingly anxious as officials continually ...


Mayday S05E08 Mixed Signals The Plane That Wouldn't Talk


Last Call for Mr. Paul

Ever been late for a flight? Jason Paul uses his jaw-dropping freerunning skills to get through security at the Munich airport to catch his flight in record time.


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