Trying to Find the WORST (and Cheapest) Hotel in Hong Kong

Hey Laowinners! ◘ NEW MERCH - Cha Bu Duo Shirts - Hong Kong is expensive. That is something most people know, but hotels ...


World's Cheapest Hotel - Would You Stop Here?

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San Francisco | Cheapest hotel!

kicking off our San Francisco trip!


Cheapest Hotel In London (The Hub By Premier Inn)

Planned a little trip to London. Booked myself a budget hotel called The Hub By Premier Inn. Heres a review :). FYI, This isn't sponsored or anything. Paid £30 a ...


😮 CHEAPEST Hotel EVER - Vietnam 🇻🇳

So I know this probably isn't the CHEAPEST hotel ever, but, it is definitely the cheapest hotel I have ever stayed in. I have stayed in apartments that, ...


How to find Cheapest hotel in UAE only 68 DHS

Hello guys today I will be showing you how to find cheap hotel in UAE only 68 DHS per 2 people for one night This is a great site to find Cheapest hotel in UAE ...


Cheapest Pattaya 4-Star Hotel...???

Cheapest Pattaya 4-Star Hotel...??? The Adelphi I'd been recommended The Adelphi in Pattaya as a great place to stay. It's a new 4-star hotel just off Soi ...


Cheapest hotel in Pattaya || Thailand tour

For Best flight fares - Hotel i Stayed in Pattaya (P72)- Like my Facebook page ...


10 Best Cheapest Hotels in Phuket | Thailand

10 Best Cheapest Hotels in Phuket | Thailand ♥️Hope you enjoyed the video!!♥ Subscribe and Help Us Hit 100000 SUBSCRIBERS Subscribe Us Here: ...


Delhi Hotels | 20 Cheapest hotels in Delhi | दिल्ली में 20 सस्ता होटल पता और फोन नंबर

Today I will give you the name, address and phone numbers of 20 of the most adorable and Cheapest hotels. Prices from 500 to 2000 Rupees. All hotels are ...


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