Commercial - Happy Dance Best Quality Version + Correct Sound! HAPPY DANCE FTW.

2011-07-12T06:31:25.000Z Reservations Reservations. Visit: choice hotels or location People like journeying and everyone enjoys journeying cheap! On...


Comfort Hotel Comfort Inn Hotels Free Breakfast Hotels Choicehotels com

Book Now Comfort Hotel Comfort Inn Hotels Free Breakfast Hotels. choice hotels new york city 17 17 choice hotels toronto 13 13 choice...


Choice Hotels TV Commercial Glow 30

For the best hotel prices and online hotel booking or book direct on for the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. BADDA BOOK. BADDA BOOM.


Holiday Commercial - - Captain Obvious Tips - The Obvious Choice

No Copyright Intended Upload For Informational Purposes For Immediate Removal Email Advertiser Ad URL

2014-05-21T19:23:04.000Z - Captain Obvious

Very unusual and very interesting advert from a hotel booking portal. While other talk about discounts and ease of booking, claims that it's the most 'obvious' choice for booking...


Choice Hotels Commercial 2011

Happy Dance hahahaha.


Choice Hotels Video 2013

Choice Hotels 2013 All Brands in the world.


2002 - Choice Hotels are the Choice for Summer Travelers

TV commercial from summer 2002.


Choicehotels com Hotels and Promo Discount Coupons

Choicehotels com Hotels and Promo Discount Coupons Option resorts are the innovator among resort franchisers and to their...


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