The Enlightened Brand: How Companies like Apple and Nike Pretend to Be Progressive

Here's a video about apple and nike and pepsi and kendall jenner and reebok and all these awful companies who pretend to be progressive. I call it the ...


Apple Vacations Inspire, Educate & Convert

Apple Vacations is one of the nation's largest and most respected vacation companies partnering with travel professionals for nearly 50 years.


Apple - Perspective

Here's to those who have always seen things differently.


Why Apple Needs Samsung

Get 10% any purchase here: PATREON: T-SHIRT: ...


Silicon Valley California Vlog Trip To Stanford, Apple HQ, Google HQ and Android HQ HeadQuarters

Part 4 - Site - California Holiday Vlog Trip To Standford, Apple HQ, Google HQ and ...


Animated timeline shows how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood

Silicon Valley is a name that is synonymous with the technology industry, but when and how did this small area of California become the center of the tech world ...


Welcome to Silicon Valley

We want to bring you behind the scenes, show you what really happens in Silicon Valley's backstage and give you the insider perspective on how it feels to start ...


How Apple Changed CES Forever

Every January, almost 180000 people travel to Las Vegas for CES, Consumer Electronics Show. It's one of the biggest tech shows of the year, bringing in people ...


9 WORST Company Failures!

Dumbest ways companies have failed to predict the future or made decisions that bankrupted them! Whatever happened to Blockbuster and Borders? Find out ...


Everything Wrong With Apple

Apple is the world' first Trillion Dollar company. but there are many things which are wrong about Apple. So, in this video, I am trying to cover those things which ...


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