What does a $20 hotel room in MYANMAR look like? (Burma)

My nice, cheap hotel room at Penguin Hotel in Kaw Thaung, Myanmar. "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel", packed with practical travel info, is only $10 on Amazon!


Lotte Hotels & Resorts Yangon (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/lotte-hotels-and-resorts-yangon.html - best price Lotte Hotels & Resorts Yangon (No.82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue, Pyay Road, 61/2 ...


MYANMAR: Market potential for boutique hotels in Yangon

According to industry players, Myanmar's commercial city, Yangon, should consider repurposing or refurbishing existing buildings into hotels. Many said it will ...


Hotel G Yangon (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/g.html - best price Hotel G Yangon (No. 5 Alan Pya Pagoda Street, Yangon downtown, 11182 Yangon, Myanmar) Stay in the ...


Hotel M (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/m.html - best price Hotel M (No.29, KanBawZa Avenue Street, Bahan Township, Bahan, 11101 Yangon, Myanmar) Featuring free ...


Hotel H Valley Yangon (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/h-valley-yangon.html - best price Hotel H Valley Yangon (West Shwe Gon Daing Road No.24,West Shwe Gon Daing (3rd) Street ...


Hotel Bond (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/bond.html - best price Hotel Bond (No.49, Hledan Street (Middle Block), Lanmadaw Township, Yangon downtown, 11131 ...


Hotel @ Yangon Heritage (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/yangon-heritage.html - best price Hotel @ Yangon Heritage (No.184/186, Sule Pagoda Road, opposite of Sule Shangri-La Hotel ...


Yuzana Hotel (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/yuzana.html - best price Yuzana Hotel (130, Shwe Gon Dine Road, Bahan Township, Bahan, 11111 Yangon, Myanmar) Situated ...


Hotel Lavender (Yangon, Myanmar)

https://goodsoul.club/hotel/mm/lavender.html - best price Hotel Lavender (No.55, Old Yay Tar Shay Road, Near Bahan 3th Street Market, Bahan Township, ...


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