How to book cheap hotels & condos | 3 best travel apps

My three go to travel apps for booking cheap places to stay. More info on ...


Trump Hotel Bookings Drop 59%, Global Boycott Grows

A Priceonomics analysis of data from Hipmunk, comparing booking data from this year compared to last year, has revealed that Trump hotel bookings appear to ...


Low-Budget Travel! || Cheap flights, hotels, and more

My top tips for traveling on a budget: flight searches, hostels, daily meals, tours, fun, and more. Flight resources: Momondo - Skyscanner ...


Hipmunk Hotels Promo Video

Written and Directed by Dan Nelken. Produced by Grumo Media.


New Grumo: Hipmunk Hotels

Explainer demo video produced by


Chipmunk (of Sings 'Hipmunk And I Know It"

Website: Now you, too, can take the agony out of searching for hotels and flights! Hipmunk makes it easy to visualize the best options, ...


Adam Goldstein, Hipmunk: How to Disrupt Flight & Hotel Search 'Princeton Startup TV' - interviews with the stars of startup and computer science world. Guest: Adam Goldstein, CEO and ...


Hipmunk takes the pain out of booking flights

There's no shortage of web sites where you can book travel, from Priceline to Kayak to airlines' own sites. But that doesn't mean that their standard user ...


Hipmunk Co-founder and CEO, Adam Goldstein, Phocuswright Conference 2015

Hipmunk Co-founder and CEO, Adam Goldstein speaking at the Phocuswright Conference 2015, Diplomat Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the conference ...


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