Tax Defer Airbnb Income Using Solo401k [Airbnb Entrepreneur Podcast #6 ]

IN THIS PODCAST: Now you can tax defer your own short-term rental income [like from Airbnb or Homeaway] using the SOLO 401K retirement plan with House ...


Should You Get a LLC for Your Airbnb?? ⚖(how to protect your assets)

Should your Airbnb business have a LLC? We spoke with Clint Coons of Anderson Advisors to get some expert insight. Links CLINT COONS POD: ...


SDI Radio: HOW TO Qualify for a Self Directed 401k… Even If You Don’t | Episode 141

The king is dead, long live the king! The Self-Directed IRA used to be the king of the hill for self-directed investors planning for retirement, but now, it's the ...


Vacation Rental Potential Episode 4 | Why we host

Get the stories behind the show's homeowners and their vacation rentals. Book your next vacation with HomeAway: Subscribe to ...


Hitler Rants Parodies

Hitler Rants Parodies is a channel dedicated to Downfall Parodies. Hitler Rants Parodies are created using scenes from the great movie called Downfall/Der ...


Bulletproof your portfolio with tech stocks!

Alex Daley, the Chief Technology Investment Strategist for Casey Research, joins Cambridge House Live Anchor Vanessa Collette to discuss what tech trends ...


Why We Host: Gatlinburg

Dwight and Angie want to buy their first rental property with the idea they could buy more and create a business. Learn more about Vacation Rental Potential” ...


SDI Radio: a BIG LIE: Why Your IRA is NOT Limited To Using Non-Recourse Loans | Episode 149

Interested in borrowing money in your IRA to do bigger deals? Have you been told you've got to use a Non-Recourse loan? THINK AGAIN… It's just not true!


Facebook Sales Surge and Shares hit a Record High

Facebook (FB) shares are hitting an all time high. The social network beat expectations on both the top and bottom lines. It says it has 1.5 billion active monthly ...


Self Directed Investor Radio: It's A Wonderful Life | Episode 175

Merry Christmas, my friends! Today is light-hearted… let's consider the popular Christmas movie “It's A Wonderful Life” because, curiously, it reflects multiple ...


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