Airbnb Scams & Fake Listings Turned Our Vacation Into a Nightmare! (2017)

Is Airbnb Safe? We analyzed 1021 horror stories to find out. In September this year (2017), I had multiple dangerous ...


Airbnb: Unwelcome Guests | CNBC

CNBC investigates the clash over illegal short-term rentals. This exclusive story includes interviews with AirBnB's head of global policy, Miami Beach's mayor ...


Airbnb Home Rental Nightmares

From stolen property to trashed apartments, what renters can do to protect themselves.


Complaints against a home being used as a weekly vacation rental

Is this allowed? Code Enforcement says no.


Why Wouldn't a Landlord Allow Their Tenant to Rent Out Their Unit? - Short Term Rentals - Part 1

Our special guest, real estate lawyer, Carla, talks to theRRD & CEO Joe Killinger about the reasoning behind apartment owners not allowing their tenants to ...


Afraid to Commit?

Episode 3 is all about making that commitment, and finding ways to keep it when times get tough. It features "All Is Possible" and is sponsored by Kathy and Bill ...


Rent Directly by Owner and Save

Hi there, are you tired of being pushed around by VRBO and Homeaway? Sites like VRBO, Homeaway, and Airbnb make your vacation home much less ...


How Much Does Vrbo Charge To List?

How is the pay per booking fee calculated? . Vrbo relents, eases costs for vacation rental owners chicago how is the pay per booking fee calculated? vs airbnb ...


Airbnb Hosts Fined For Illegal Home Renting

New Yorkers are seeing the first effects of the Airbnb law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in October. New York City lawmakers fined two hosts last week for ...


When AirBnB Goes Wrong.

Steve needed a place to stay, so he turned to AirBnB. What could possibly go wrong? Created by Steve Goldbloom & Noah Pink Produced by Nic Pollock Guest ...


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