Airbnb Cancellation Policies: Which One is Right for Your Listing?

STRU MERCH: STRU Podcast: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up for STRU: ...


How To Get More Bookings From Home Away Vacation Rental Listing Tweak! Is Your VRBO Missing Out? If you're looking to get more out of your HomeAway ...


Lessons Learned from Brian Sharples, founder & CEO of HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY)

Brian Sharples, founder & CEO of HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY), came to share some of his lessons learned at the 2011 Capital Factory Demo Day, just ...


My Experience with HOMEAWAY~ the website where you can rent

talking about almost getting scammed - Captured Live on Ustream at


Nice airpot car rental false accusation of damage

False accusation of damage part 2.


H&R Block Snafu Delays Refunds and More

What's News: An H&R Block snafu delays over 600000 tax refunds. The FBI and Secret Service investigate the leak of Michelle Obama's social security number.


VRBO SCAM - Property Owners Beware!

This video is about the website and how they will try and scam their customers out of more money in 2012. They will back charge you for free ...


What Are Homeaway Fees?

Homeaway what is the service fee and how does it work url? Q webcache. Homeaway official site homeaway. The service fee is paid by the traveler when ...


When AirBnB Goes Wrong.

Steve needed a place to stay, so he turned to AirBnB. What could possibly go wrong? Created by Steve Goldbloom & Noah Pink Produced by Nic Pollock Guest ...


12 Crazy, Wacky & Most Overlooked Tax Deductions!

Ever wonder what Tax Deductions you've missed? With these 12 Crazy, Wacky & Most Overlooked Tax Deductions, I'm pretty sure there's at least one tax write ...


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