How I Saved Money on Honolulu Hawaii's Top Attractions | Go Oahu Card Explained

Expand for more info: Hi everyone! This video is a little bit different than my other videos/vlogs. I wanted to share with you guys how I saved a bunch of money in ...


Honolulu City Council member proposes $5 bus pass

Councilman Brandon Elefante introduced a bill aimed at eliminating the $35 four-day bus pass.


Oahu Pass - Build Your Own Oahu Tourist Pass

Save up to 20% on top Oahu attractions when you build your own Oahu tourist pass vs. paying at the gate. Just add 2 or ...


Waikiki Trolley Tour - Honolulu 4K

Waikiki Trolley is the best way to visit and see Honolulu top attractions. At least 4 different line take You for shopping, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, outside city ...


How To Board The Bus and Pay

With the addition of new fare passes, riding GRTC is even easier! No matter how you pay for your fare on the bus, please first let your operator know which bus ...


You Can't Text And Cross The Street In Honolulu, Hawaii

In Hawaii, you can walk and talk...but just don't text. A new law in Honolulu bans texting while crossing the street. The new law states that it's actually illegal to ...


Honolulu bans using smartphones while crossing the street

Hawaii is cracking down on phone use in its streets. As of Wednesday, Honolulu has officially become the first US city to pass a law that fines you for crossing ...


Honolulu passes law that makes texting while crossing the street illegal

Pedestrians pulling out their cell phone when crossing the street better be ready to pull out their wallets as well.


Honolulu DMV Road Test Route

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Honolulu City Council: Pass Bill 16!


2018-06-22 11:19:57
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