Sample Code of Conduct Training Video

Every company should do a code of conduct and ethics training course to continually educate and inform employees about the importance of ethical decision ...


Code of Practice - Safefood 360° Software Module

There are many situations in a food manufacturing operation where you need to make either employees, contractors or visitors sign and follow certain code of ...


Promo Codes for hotels

Use promo codes to offer your customers a private special offer, provide them with a great reason to book directly with you rather than through an OTA.


hotel business plan uk

Get 15% Promo code:


Three Communication Codes in American Business - Business English Lessons

Doing business with Americans: Do you know the codes? Learn 3 key communication codes for good professional relationships. ***Become fluent in real ...


Global Code of Ethics for Tourism


How to get your Hotel booking for free with UnSheeping?

Get your hotel for free with UnSheeping, an app for iOS and Android that helps you lower the booking cost of your hotel bill - to the point of even getting it for free.


Television Code Commercial (1960's)


Amadeus Training Scenario: Book Flight Itinerary, Create PNR, Price Fare


Pilot´s alphabet history explained by Captain Joe

Back in the early days of aviation radio communication wasn´t as clear as it is today. Antennas picked up all sorts of static noises which made it difficult to ...


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