Sample Code of Conduct Training Video

Every company should do a code of conduct and ethics training course to continually educate and inform employees about the importance of ethical decision ...


Hospitality ethics - Carlson hotels CSR by the strong employee squad


Employee Handbooks - Part 1 Video Highlights: 00:52 Your employee handbook is the single most important internal ...


GNU's "Kind Communication Guidelines" & SQLite's religious Code of Conduct

Richard Stallman (Free Software Foundation, GNU project) releases the GNU version of a "Code of Conduct" -- the "Kind Communication Guidelines.


UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Subject:Hotel & Tourism Management Paper: Tourism And Hospitality: Concept, Component, Status And Trends.


"Front Desk First Impressions" Front Desk unprofessional segment

"Front Desk First Impressions" The 25 greatest unprofessional Front Desk sins committed by hotel Front Desk associate (as compiled from a ...


Business Ethics: Organizational Business Values |

Possessing good business ethics allows organizations to gauge the fairness of production, trade, and social responsibility. These business ethics stem from the ...


Microsoft Employee Abuses His Powers


CHAOSxMODZ / Microsoft Employee FIRED

A Microsoft employee was fired for braking the code of conduct for his job and was fined and fired!


Health Codes of Conduct: The Solution for Workplace Wellness that Has Been Missing

Workplace wellness can be a positive source of health and empowerment for employees. While many employers have found that wellness programs are ...


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