How to Identify Every Hotel on provides a simple to use search function to help you reveal the identity of nearly every mystery hotel you will find on Follow ...


Hotwire - Don't Book Hotel Rooms With It

Hotwire - Don't Book Hotel Rooms With It Hotwire is a web service company that makes a lot of it's money off fraudulent transactions. I explain in this video but ...


The Hotwire Scam

NBC News report about how Hotwire left me stranded and what you can do to make sure it never happens to you. Please share this video if Hotwire has ...


How To Identify A Hotwire Hotel Before Purchasing Hotwire Help: Example of how to identify a Hotwire hotel prior to reserving the hotel on Hotwire.


How To Use (Tutorial)

Are you confused about how works? My quick tutorial will walk you through step by step on how to book your first room. I'm all about saving you ...


Hotwire's 3 star hotel.

This is what hotwire considers 3 star hotel.... at best 1.5 star. When we called to complain the supervisor hung up on us. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH HOTWIRE ...


UX Design and Research for

This is some UX design and research I did for Hotwire's flagship product is opaque hotel rooms. Opaque hotel rooms are ones that you don't the ...


How to Book Cheap Hotels with Hotwire and Ebates


Hotwire 3 star review

This is what Hotwire calls a 3 star room. Hotwire is the same company as hotels dot com. Buyer beware.

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