| Television Commercial | 2009 | Television Commercial | 2009 is a website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. The company has 85 websites in 34 ...


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We are proud of who we are. H-Hotels AG is one of the last family-owned hotel companies in Germany – so we have special values as followed: The guest ...


Karleigh Wright featuring as the 'Geordie' Commercial for

Here I feature as the 'Geordie' character at the end of this commercial. Wearing the white outfit sitting at the table, this shoot was so much fun, exploring my ...


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For more ideas that challenge the status quo visit

2011-09-20T23:06:00.000Z TVC 2017 - Singapore

ผลงานโฆษณา ของแฝด Filter&Foto Version on air Sigapore Director: Withit Kamsrakaew (Aud) Phenomena Company Limited Thailand.


25hours Hotel HR Video / Company Video / HD Exclusive Official Video

25hours employees ( ) are competent, sociable, dedicated and empathic. Employees with ...

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ผลงานโฆษณา ของแฝด Filter&Foto Version on air Hongkong Director: Withit Kamsrakaew (Aud) Phenomena Company Limited Thailand.

2017-07-09T13:14:41.000Z -Atlanta & Company Morning News 6/16/09 clip from Atlanta & Company Morning News 6/16/09.


Hotel Management Company, Hotel Management Development and Marketing, HMG Hotels 2010

Hotel Management and Marketing - visit - Hotel Managers Group Serving United States Hotels ♢♢♢ HMG HOTELS ♢♢♢ HOTEL ...

2010-06-30T22:22:40.000Z Captain Obvious

Marketing video "Captain Obvious" by Obvious Choice. is an operating company of Expedia, Inc. that provides res...


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