Scam Fraud No book no fee Why you will never get a refund Scam Fraud No book no fee Why you will never get a refund A contract can´t stand on viced terms. Scam Fraud No book no fee Why you will never get...


Attention VRBO and HomeAway Owners


Vacation Rental Scams | Consumer Reports

Rental websites make it easy to find a vacation home. But make sure you're paying the legitimate owner. In a new type of scam, thieves pose as owners so you pay them instead. Get more free...


Holiday Fraud, Avoid Online Scams

Holiday Fraud - Avoid Online Booking Scams. Keith Doyle reports on a couple who book a holiday online only to find out that their dream holiday was a scam.


BeeToken ICO Review | Airbnb Meets Cryptocurrency

This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential. BeeToken is a new ICO that will be bringing the growing trend of vacation...


New warning for people booking vacation rentals

10News reporter Jon Horn shares how to avoid being scammed on your vacation rental.


Vacationers use VRBO/Home Away to rent Delray Beach mansion, but never got to stay on property

Looking to book your next vacation? Travelers who used a popular vacation rental site say they were ripped off, and now the Palm Beach County Sheriff is investigating. ◂ WPTV NewsChannel...


Is Airbnb Safe? + Safety Tips

Interested in booking a vacation using Airbnb, but want to ensure your own safety first? We'll give you the information you need to know! Watch this short video to learn how to stay safe on...


What Is The Cancellation Policy For VRBO?

How do i edit my cancellation policy? Vrbo policy united states forum top 1169 complaints and reviews about vrbo. How do i cancel a reservation and receive refund? Vrbo help. If you are due...


Avoid These Holiday Online Scams

The start of the holiday season is a time of cheer for cyber criminals, who attempt a variety of online scams on holiday shoppers. McAfee online security expert Robert Siciliano discusses on...


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