How To Rent A Car Using Priceline's Name Your Own Price Tool


Still Cheap At New Highs: Apple, Visa, Priceline, Qualcomm

Chipotle has been a rocket but the stock looks fully stuffed.


Why Market If Touched (MIT) Orders Are Important?

Market If Touched orders or "MIT" orders are ways of placing a market order when a specific price is reached. This video is going to show you ways to use them as well as talk about which brokers...


Metatrader 4 Tutorial - How to Setup a Clean Chart and Save it as a Template This is how I setup my default charts with no indicators. It only has the candlesticks colored correctly and the period separators. I then save it as a template...


Attorney, Stephen McCollister, discusses the process of buying a home with Locke Meredith (225) 272-5300 (800) 479-9223 Attorney, Stephen McCollister, discusses the process of buying a home on Legal Lines with Locke Meredith. Episode 52.


What is a Deposit Check used for when buying a home When asked to have your offer accompanied by a Deposit, that is customary in today's world of real estate procurement. It stems from what the "handshake" used to stand for...



Traveling can get expensive, and lodging is often a major part of that. We show you a few websites that can cut the cost of a hotel, if you are open to some not so traditional ways to stay.


How to use Bid-Plus to Make an Offer on a Hotel Room

Bid-Plus software can be used to place bids for hotel rooms and packages to get great bargains and save money on your next holiday. This short video shows you exactly how it works. It is quick...


Cheap Flights - So how to get Cheapest flights and Airline Tickets

How to get Cheapest flights All have long understood that no one is willing to pay a lot for anything, much less for plane tickets. While you always want to buy cheap tickets, but not necessarily...


How to Find the Best Hotels in Chicago and New York

Welcome to my Travel Channel. Stay safe and have a great time. Hope you find this channel useful and can learn something from it.


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