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Commencement 2017-06-16

Pasadena City College


How To Ride The Metro Rail Train In Los Angeles

Here is how to ride the Metro Rail train in Los Angeles California. First, you need a Tap card, which you can buy at the train station for $1.00, and you need to put some money on it to pay...


Can You Use A TAP Card On Foothill Transit?

Lots of la county transit providers accept tap cards, including foothill transit, los angeles metro, ladot, pasadena arts, santa clarita montebello bus lines, culver citybus and more. Spring...


Interview with Los Angeles Metro at Middle East Rail 2017

We interviewed Nizar Madanat, Senior Director, Rail Vehicle Engineering & Warranty from Los Angeles Metro on the key drivers for the increase in urban rail projects in the US, the obstacles...


The State of the College Report 9-28-2011

President Mark W. Rocha leads the State of the College Report for faculty and staff at Pasadena City College. Speakers include Bob Miller, Vice President Educational Services, Dwayne Cable,...


PCC ONE - Tuesday, January 13 , 2015

Pasadena City College's news in a minute.


Dangerous Lack of Security at L.A. Metro Rail Subway

This is a frightening security breach. A terrible disaster could happen. This was originally a report on the millions of people hopping the Los Angeles Metro Rail subway turnstiles and riding...


COUN 18 Student ID • Parking • Welcome Day


PCC ONE - Friday, September 26, 2014

Pasadena City College's news in a minute.


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