Joyce's 5 star Priceline hotel for 100.00

It was a 400.00 room. She is amazed she got it for 100.00.


Priceline bidding deals - luxury hotels for less

Introducing ( teaching you how to "Save A Buck With The Duck!" We are a community of travelers who are looking to ...


Hyatt Chicago $120/night Priceline Alan Thomson

Seems a little pricey for Priceline, but there was zero vacancy in Chicago that night. All other prices were above $200 per night.


How to book hotel on priceline name your own

Book a hotel on priceline with name your own price and save! Betterbidding and bidding for travel - help you out.


How to Find the Best Hotels in Chicago and New York

Welcome to my Travel Channel. Stay safe and have a great time. Hope you find this channel useful and can learn something from it.



I revealed the process and secrets to get easily super cheap flights & cheap hotels. Know how I got many cheapest flights within one minute. Here you will get ...


TRAVEL TIPS How we find our Awesome Hotels -Luxury for Less Hotels

We share our first travel tip vlog on choosing the right hotel! How we choose our luxury hotels and get great deals on them. Some tips for choosing a hotel and ...


How to get the best hotel deals: BookSmart It's the simplest of all travel hacks: book directly for the best experience and the same rate. No need to get ...


No Deal Priceline Smoky Hotel YUK!!!

SUBSCRIBE! Thanks. Hi, CORVAIRWILD here. A little about me and what I do: First, I love my wife of many years, she is a wonderful lady. I call her Mrs CW.


How to Get the Best Online Deals at Hotels

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you want to save money where you can. These sites will help you find the hotel room you want at a great price ...


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