Jodi Arias' Bank Statement Exposes Her Lies About Priceline & Car Rental

Prosecutor Juan Martinez presented another example of a bold-faced lie coming from Jodi Arias directly to the faces of the jury members. In her earlier testimony ...


Family Gets Refund After Baby Books A Car On Priceline

A baby in Minnesota gave the final authorization for a roughly 600-dollar car rental booking on Priceline. Shopping has never been easier, as thanks to the ...


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car For A Month?

They have a bottom line lowest price deal they will make, not join the long term car rental program (month or more) from enterprise rent. Long term car rental ...


How to Get a Hotel Room for Free

Here's a pretty big secret that not many people know about, that lets you get a free hotel room pretty much anywhere. It takes advantage of some tax loopholes ...


Priceline Ant Rant1

Where's my Priceline Negotiator? Priceline took $300. from me and didn't even blink, when I couldn't use the flight and asked for a refund! In fact, what they gave ...


New Hire Training

Video for Consultative Training Leading Statements = Only / If from Negotiating Training.


priceline rewards visa


Priceline College Marketing Commercial

Marketing Priceline.


BREAKING NEWS: Friends Take $25,000 Road Trip Using Ride-Sharing App

Think ride sharing is a good alternative to renting a car? You're wrong. Just ask these guys. Life savings is on the line. Whatever's on the line,


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