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Week 11 - Shopping w/ Erika - Aztec Game - Driving w/ Grandma & Two Yorkies

Erika & I go shopping at Target which is my favorite thing to do, right? Wrong!! Guys can relate to following your wife around the store. Then we go to the Aztec ...


Forever New Clothing

Forever New is a fashion clothing and accessories brand founded in Melbourne, Australia, with over 190 stores across eight countries. Our brand celebrates the ...


Sigma Traction Elevators @ CLV Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Peurto Rico.MP4

These were also very nice but LOVED to close up fast. They were pretty smooth other than a few stutters, they has a very nice type of MAD fixture, the lanterns in ...


My Hyatt Place Room

I don't know why I took you on a tour of my hotel room at the Hyatt Place in Garden City, NY. The STAFF at the hotel was the really amazing part. Then again, I ...


Semi homeless tips


Mantecaos Spécialité Espagnole - Domaline cuisine

Je vous présente une recette de petits sablés spécialité Espagnole très facile à faire et excellent à déguster. Difficulté 4 / 10 Bon appétit !!!!


Hotel Adventures

Just running around the hotel.... SCARED OF HEIGHTS.


Lock-Up_ RAW Booty Warrior FLEECE JOHNSON

Fleece Johnson the Booty Warrior Give my sites a look, you might like: ...


(Porter Robinson; Madeon) Shelter [fr. Shelter] (Fingerstyle Guitar)

Tabs are now available! Check it out here: ^ ^ My acoustic "fingerstyle" guitar arrangement/cover of Porter Robinson and ...


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