Shadowrun Dragonfall - 3 - Room 405

Making my way through the various floors of the Das Kesselhaus a shady club and hotel controlled by gangsters the most significant of a number discoveries ...


Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall campaign pt 5 Das Kesselhaus hotel upper levels

Hello. I'm playing through the new Shadowrun Returns campaign Dragonfall aka Berlin on my Decker. I hope you will enjoy this as much as me.


Let's Play Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut - 5 - Green Winters

Thanks for all the help, Green. At least we got some loot out of the deal. And, maybe, a new lead...


Let's Play Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Part 16 - Codes

Why is everything locked? Sheesh... way to be professional... Shadowrun Returns is an turn-based RPG modelled after the tabletop game of the same name.


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