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Q- I’ve just placed my order and made payment as well. But something caught my eye and I wish to top up my payment and add that item to my order list. Would this be possible ?

A - As long as your items have NOT been shipped out, you are free to top up items and payment to your current order.

Q - I’ve just placed my order and made payment as well. But I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided not to purchase these items anymore. What happens to my order ?

A - Once payment has been made, it is impossible for us to refund the payment to you unless the fault occurs on our side, eg. Flawed and defective item which is unsuitable to be sold to customers. However, you can modify your order by selecting a different item(s) of equal value as your payment. Or even select item(s) which costs more that your current order, in which you will have to top up payment to balance the new item price in order to finalize the purchase.

Q – I’ve just placed my order but I have not made any payment. However, I have decided not to make this purchase anymore and wish for this order to be cancelled.

A – As long as payment has not been made, you are free to cancel your order anytime.


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