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Q – I received my item(s). However, it appears to be defective. What do I do about this ?

A – We have a return and replacement policy, in any case that an item appears to be defective and you wish for it to be replaced, you must act within 7 days from the arrival date of the item to bring the matter to our attention. You will have to describe to us its defectiveness beforehand so that our staff can deem it viable for you to return the item to us for investigation. If possible, taking detailed pictures of that defective item and mailing them to us would help greatly.

Upon return and investigation, if its defectiveness is found to be genuine, we will then replace the item promptly and will have it reshipped back to you with no extra cost. Once we have informed you to return the item to us, it must be done within 7 days from the date we issued a clearance for you to return the item to us.

All reports and picture attachments can be E-Mailed to
All calls can be made to 03-21431936.

Q – I have returned the defective item(s). However, I was informed that a replacement cannot be done, due to the fact that this item(s) was the last of its kind in production and it has been discontinued. What can be done about this ?

A – In cases of discontinued items by its manufacturer, there are 2 options in which we can go about resolving the matter. We can fully refund your payment, or you can modify your order and select a different item that is of close to or equal value to the item you previously ordered. Or you can also select an item which has more value compared to your previously ordered item, but additional payment must be topped up in order to finalize the purchase.

Q – I wish to know what methods will be used for refunding payments.

A – Refunds are done in 2 ways. For orders made through Money Order, Cheque, Bank Drafts and Bank-In, refunds are done in Cheque and may take 2-3 weeks to reach you. For payments made through PayPal, refunds are done by transferring your payment back into your PayPal account.


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