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Q – I see that Sun Comic allows customers to view and Pre-Order upcoming items which is soon to be released in the market. I’m interested in Pre-Ordering some items to secure my ownership on these exclusive items. How do I go about making Pre-Orders ?

A – Items that are on Pre-Orders are usually Limited Edition items and are very sought after by Otakus worldwide. To make a Pre-Order, simply go under our <Pre-Order> section to view the list of the items. Each item have their individual release dates but may vary according to their individual manufacturer. To Pre-Order, simply add the item to your Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout. Payments can be made in the same way as you purchase a regular item on our website. Once your item has arrived, we will promptly ship them to you.

A – Items under Pre-Order have limited stock worldwide. We would also like to remind customers that there is no 100% guarantee that customers will receive their Pre-Ordered items even though they have already placed their orders and made payment. As such item quantity tends to be uncertain, due to massive orders worldwide, we can only do our best to acquire as many as we can to ensure most customers will receive what they have Pre-Ordered.

A – On cases where customers end up not being able to receive their Pre-Ordered items, Sun Comic will make a full refund on the item.

Q – I see, but what if I decide to wait and see if more if more of these items will come in a second batch in the near future ?

A – That is possible, but still uncertain. However, if customers decide not to request for a refund but instead they prefer to wait, their names will still be in the waiting name list. Should there be a restock on Pre-Ordered items, they will then be able to acquire the item eventually.

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