Accessible parking permits are 'golden ticket' for cheats

The vast majority of the approximately 500000 accessible permits issued to Toronto-area residents are used properly. But investigators believe about 50000 are ...


Free Perks Revealed by Toronto Councillor Rob Ford

Disclosure: The Toronto Board of Trade no longer gives out free passes to Toronto city councillors.**** Watch as Councillor Rob Ford shows off his free all ...


Toronto Disabled Parking Permit System

There are 10's of thousands of illegal Disabled Parking Permits in the City of Toronto. This is the story of one of those permits. Nothing has been changed or ...


How To Understand Toronto Parking Signs

Watch the video to understand what Toronto Parking signs mean and never get a receipt... Subscribe for more amazing Toronto Tales.


Video: Toronto driver shocked to learn parking ticket fines never resolved

Before you go and pay someone to fight parking tickets on your behalf, be careful who you hire.


Toronto Parking Attendant

Nearly getting run over by a parking attendant after calling him out for nearly reversing into my car and acting aggressively towards me when I challenged him.


Getting Cheaper Parking in Toronto

If you have visit Downtown Toronto you must know it can get expensive... Well.. I happened to be a few mints away from Cheaper Parking and I did take the ...


Parking lot fiasco in Toronto - video by mermaidjoy/Imgur

Video by Imgur user mermaidjoy


Residential Street Parking

Please share with your friends, family and neighbors* We often respond to calls regarding cars parked illegally on residential streets. Here are a few of our most ...


Parking Issues on a Toronto residential street

With a school/community centre on the street, residents have no where to park even though they pay for parking permits. The school and community centre users ...


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