Video: Family members misusing accessible parking permits

Officers have been handing out dozens of tickets a day and drivers are facing fines ranging from $300 to $5000 for misusing the parking permits.


Video: Toronto police to discuss misuse of accessible parking permits

The Toronto Police Services Board will be discussing the abuse of accessible parking spots at its public meeting this week. CityNews reporter Nicole Martin has the details.


Cracking down on disabled parking abuses

Nearly 800 accessible parking permits were taken away from Toronto drivers last year because they were using someone else's permit.


Free Perks Revealed by Toronto Councillor Rob Ford

Disclosure: The Toronto Board of Trade no longer gives out free passes to Toronto city councillors.**** Watch as Councillor Rob Ford shows off his free all access passes to the Toronto...


Fight Toronto parking tickets online with city program

It just got easier to fight a Toronto parking ticket online – and it could be a boon for travellers who are just passing through the city as well as residents. CityNews reporter Stella Acquisto...


How To Understand Toronto Parking Signs

Watch the video to understand what Toronto Parking signs mean and never get a receipt... Subscribe for more amazing Toronto Tales.


car2go Toronto Parking

Whether you're visiting Toronto or a local looking for a refresher -- check out this short video on how to find all of your car2go parking options in the city.


Parking Ticket Toronto


Epic Parking job gone wrong TORONTO

Police at the scene of a crazy car crash in downtown Toronto at 1130pm. Car ends up on sidewalk on its side smashing into a store.


Video: Toronto driver shocked to learn parking ticket fines never resolved

Before you go and pay someone to fight parking tickets on your behalf, be careful who you hire.


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