Accessible parking permits are 'golden ticket' for cheats

The vast majority of the approximately 500000 accessible permits issued to Toronto-area residents are used properly. But investigators believe about 50000 are ...


Fight Toronto parking tickets online with city program

It just got easier to fight a Toronto parking ticket online – and it could be a boon for travellers who are just passing through the city as well as residents. CityNews ...


Toronto Disabled Parking Permit System

There are 10's of thousands of illegal Disabled Parking Permits in the City of Toronto. This is the story of one of those permits. Nothing has been changed or ...


How To Understand Toronto Parking Signs

Watch the video to understand what Toronto Parking signs mean and never get a receipt... Subscribe for more amazing Toronto Tales.


Toronto Parking Officer

C.Deonarine, Budge 99286.


Violent attacks against Toronto parking officers on the rise

From throwing hot coffee to physical attacks, assaults and threats against Toronto police parking enforcement officers is on the rise. CityNews reporter Shauna ...


Video: Toronto police to discuss misuse of accessible parking permits

The Toronto Police Services Board will be discussing the abuse of accessible parking spots at its public meeting this week. CityNews reporter Nicole Martin has ...


Parking in Toronto


Getting Cheaper Parking in Toronto

If you have visit Downtown Toronto you must know it can get expensive... Well.. I happened to be a few mints away from Cheaper Parking and I did take the ...


Black Toronto city worker gets ticket for parking in handicap space goes off on officers of 3 races!

First, let's not forget when a leader of the #BlackLivesMatter Toronto chapter posted on Twitter for Allah to give her strength not to cuss/kill men & 'white folks' at ...


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