2015-05-01T15:18:03.000Z Winning (2018)


Sally is winning, whatever happens.

A weekend away with the girls. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot it seems. But Sally keeps on winning, because she earned a Reward Night on ...


Unrooming Hotel Wellenberg with

Here's my #Unrooming video review of the Hotel Wellenberg in Zurich, Switzerland.

2016-03-10T19:09:01.000Z - Blown Away Commercial

Commercial for featuring Smart Production: Aardman Animations Director: Richard Webber.

2011-05-24T13:52:33.000Z Android Mobile Booking App -

Yes! I Want CASHBACK! Android Mobile Booking App - offers more than to more than ...

2015-03-02T13:49:15.000Z - Captain Obvious [v1, Skipping] (2016, USA)

An inventive advert for where clicking on the 'Skip' button doesn't skip the video, but gives the characters skipping ropes. This is how the advert plays ...


Funny Commercial - - Online Dating

NO offensive comments, please They will be deleted & the poster blocked - Thank you No copyright ownership assumed, implied, or intended by me of this video ...


(HD) - Captain Obvious [v2, Skipping off] (2016, USA)

NOTE: This is in HD and is also how the advert appears on TV. The version sourced from the interactive advert can be found here: ...


Skis! :15 lets you do you! So you can take that trip to perform winter sports with your favorite farm animal!"


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