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London's two-millennia history as a capital city set along the banks of the River Thames goes back to its founding as Londinium by the Romans. The heart of the ...


✅Best Hotels in London - Top 5 Hotels in London, UK [Under $100]

I listed the top 5 best hotels in London, UK (Under$100), I made this list based on my personal opinion, experience, quality, and location. If you want more ...


Top10 Recommended Hotels in London, UK, United Kingdom

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Low maintenance homes - How do hotels do it? UK New Builds (Part 3) [149]

Whenever I speak to people either designing a new home, doing remodelling work or spec'ing out their new build home I always tell them THINK ...


Night at one UK asylum center costs more than most exclusive hotels

UK authorities have been accused of wasting taxpayers' money on accommodation for failed asylum seekers. Housing at one refugee center has proven more ...


Go off grid with one of the world’s most #RemoteAF hotels

Prepare to go seriously off-the-grid as uncovers one of the world's most remote hotels. Not for the faint hearted, the tiny island of Ittoqqortoormiit in ...


World's Most Unusual Hotels - Crazy Bear Hotel (United Kingdom)

Built in one of the oldest documented building (15th century) in Beaconsfield, this hotel is the perfect blend of amazing architecture and uncompromised luxury.


Hotel English - Using Travel English at Hotels

In this hotel English lesson, you can learn how to use English in common hotel situations. It could also help you if you work in a hotel! Do you travel abroad, ...


Foxhill Manor, Cotswolds, UK | Small Luxury Hotels of the World

In the Cotswolds countryside, this hip hideaway is as cosy as it is chic. Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ is an unrivaled portfolio of some of the world's finest ...


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